Needy Growl is out!

Needy Growl is finally live at most venues! You can find it at All Romance Ebooks, Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble!



This is second in the Synergy series.

The lust between Merc and Chase is undeniable, but their stresses have only begun. Now that Chase knows Merc is a new shifter, he has to be at his mate’s side. Will Merc accept his new mate—not to mention his newly discovered shifter heritage?

Needy Growl continues the story of this sexy actor and his rock star lover that began in Hot Growl. There’s a lot more of their story to tell!

Here’s an excerpt!

Chase Rittenhouse watched as Merc, his newfound mate, slept fitfully, tossing and turning, a fine sheen of perspiration making his chest glisten. And Chase’s mouth water. After He and Merc had come—more than once for baby shifter—Merc had settled into a lassitude that was a near doze. Chase had muscled him to his bedroom, following barely coherent muttered directions, and dropped Merc into bed. The other man had just collapsed and stilled, and it was a little disconcerting for Chase.


Merc had been sleeping a couple of hours now, his body raging hot, the mating or his newfound shifter abilities running roughshod over his not-quite-mortal body. Chase wasn’t sure which was impacting Merc more. In any event, Chase had sat through enough new shifts that he knew when to be worried, and when not to be.


Even though this seemed pretty serious, it was nothing more than a blip on a shifter radar. Of course, the change usually happened when a shifter was a teen, and hormonal rushes kept a lot of the discomfort at bay. Still, Merc was a big strong guy and he could handle the stress of the change. In fact, he’d be asleep for most of the changes, or at least Chase hoped so. An adult shifter going through the change was something Chase hadn’t experienced before. He wasn’t sure how this would impact Merc on a physiological level, how his more mature bones would manage to reform when he took his animal shape, what sort of changes might be wrought on a fully mature brain.


It should take some time for the changes to make their way through Merc’s system, which would allow Chase to try to figure this all out. What it meant—and how they fit together. Why Merc hadn’t seemed to know. All the pressing questions that didn’t have easy answers.


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The Next Big Thing Blog Hop!

Hi there!

Xanthe asked me to participate in the Next Big Thing Blog Hop, which is a cascading blog thingie that goes on and on.

You post, then tag five people to post the following week. They answer the questions and tag more folks.

The way this goes is you answer questions about your latest release or WIP. Since my latest release starts off a serialized series, here we go 😉 I’m going to talk about my Synergy series, which is my new paranormal male/male serial.


The Next Big Thing:

What is the working title of your book?

Hot Growl is the first book in the Synergy series. Second in the series is Needy Growl, which should release later today!

 Where did the idea come from for the book?

I was talking with a friend about shapeshifters and how interesting an emotional arc it would be to have a “newbie” shifter paired with an existing shifter. The complications of two alpha males, especially two alpha males in the spotlight used to getting their way, was an interesting idea. I was really drawn to that emotional arc, and as we spoke, the characters just popped into my head, fully formed. That so rarely happens!

What genre does your book fall under?

It’s a serialized paranormal erotic romance (male/male). Both heroes are shapeshifters, though one doesn’t know it at the beginning!

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

Oh gosh! Hrm. A.D. Cooper did such a phenomenal cover for Hot Growl that the model is how I see Merc now.

If I had to choose an actor for the movie version of the book, maybe Ian Somerhalder or Chris Pine for Merc, who is the newbie shifter. A younger Ewan McGregor with more blond in his hair would work well for Chase, the more experienced shifter.

 What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

When Merc is attacked at a party, a wild animal saves him, kicking off a new reality.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

It is self published, Hot Growl is for sale everywhere, while Needy Growl will be released later today. I plan at least a four-book arc with these characters, but depending on how the world shapes up, there may be significantly more books in the future.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

This is a hard one to answer—I toyed with this for a week or two in my head before putting it down on paper. As I worked, I was making connections between the characters and laying out the plot arc.

As for actual physical writing, maybe ten hours, with an additional ten for editing and readthroughs.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

Oh gosh…I don’t know. This one is hard, since I believe all shifter verses are unique in their own way—worldbuilding, etc. so that is hard to say. I don’t know that I’ve seen many male/male serialized shifter books, for what it is worth!

Authors I really enjoy who write male/male shifters include Andrea Speed, Amber Kell, Eden Cole, Mary Calmes, Lyn Gala, Kat Roman, and Storm Grant, among a great many others!

Who or What inspired you to write this book?

That old “what if” question. What if two alpha males came together—one just discovering he’s a paranormal, and one who knows and embraces his heritage. I was intrigued—make that fascinated—by the myriad ways this could go.

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

I hate to say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but in this case, I think the cover enhances the marketability. A.D. Cooper did fantastic covers for the series, and those really grab the eye. What do you think?


You can find my books at All Romance Ebooks, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, the iBookstore, Kobo, Sony, and Smashwords.

I’m going to tag tejas, Amy Valenti, A.D. Cooper, and anyone else who wants to join in! If you do, send me your blog post URL and I’ll add it here!

 You can also follow the rest of The Next Big Thing bloggers on Twitter with the hashtag #NextBigThing.



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Want to help those dealing with the hurricane aftermath?

I grew up in New England and the Mid Atlantic and have faced my share of hurricanes. This one miraculously caused no major damage for myself or anyone else in my family–thank goodness. I know how lucky and fortunate we all are.

Unfortunately, Sandy caused unimaginable damage up and down the eastern half of the country.

Like many others, I’d like to use my writing to help. For the next week (10/30-11/8, midnight eastern to midnight eastern), I’ll donate $1.00 per book sold to the Red Cross relief efforts. You can find my books at Smashwords, ARE, Amazon, and B&N.

Please consider supporting the authors donating as well. You can find them here. Big thanks to Rachel Haimowitz for organizing this.

If you’d like to donate directly, please check the following  link.


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Hot Growl and Frankenstorm

Hurricane Sandy slapped us pretty hard here in Northern VA. We had several hours of very bad rain and wind and several Omg heart in throat bangs that shook the house. We never lost power and visual inspections inside and out don’t show any damage at all. We’re very lucky.

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone impacted by this monster storm! Please check in if you’re in the affected areas!

I released a new book yesterday, my first paranormal under the TG pen name. It is called Hot Growl and starts a new series. CHeck out the STUNNING cover from AD Cooper!

On sale now at Smashwords, Amazon, B&N, and ARE.

When rock star Merc is attacked outside a party, a huge cat comes to his rescue. What is it and why it prowling the streets of LA. And why does the thought of being attacked turn him on so much?

Famous actor Chase rushes to Merc’s aid, but he doesn’t bargain for the sexual connection burning between them. He’s a Shifter and Merc is just a human. Nothing good can come of their lust.

Or so they think…

Hot Growl starts the story of this sexy actor and his rock star lover. There’s a lot of their story to tell, and this is only the beginning.

And here is an excerpt!

“Party,” Merc said, trying to act as if he didn’t have a care in the world, even though his heart was racing, his mouth drying out. He clenched the bottle tightly, wondering if he could or should break it and try to use it as a weapon. He had nothing he could use to strike out, except maybe his keys, and he was grossly outnumbered, outmuscled, and completely outmatched.

“We weren’t invited,” another guy, a twitchy redhead with two chipped front teeth, said. He shoved Merc back and his head thudded against the brick wall. Merc tried to bite back his groan, but from the way the men were laughing, he had a feeling they’d scented blood, like the pack of wild animals they were. And he was the prey.

Hunt on!

Merc shook his head, trying to drive back the dizziness he was feeling, and then headed off at a run, tossing his beer bottle back into the crowd of thugs. One guy cursed as the bottle shattered, but Merc didn’t slow down. The group was between him and the club, but maybe he could double back or around.

The sounds of thudding boots reached his ears and he realized that even as athletic as he was, these guys were quick and fast, and possibly a bit younger, and they were going to catch him. Should he stop and stand his ground or let them run him down?

Merc skidded to a stop, turning around, waiting for these guys to kick his ass. But then a low, feral growl reached his ears and all the hair on his body stood on end. He groaned low, not sure even why he was vocalizing and drawing attention to himself.

The group of men was still barreling toward him, but when that sound echoed and bounced off the buildings, amplified, they slowed. And though hatred blazed in their eyes, Merc could see a little uncertainty there too.

Another low growl rang out, and Merc shook. He should be running—this was his time to escape—but he couldn’t move. Couldn’t just turn and go in case these guys—or whatever the hell owned that growl—took him down. This was starting to seem like some urban perversion of one of those National Geographic shows where the lion took down the gazelle or deer or whatever the fuck they took down in Africa.

Instead, Merc fought every instinct and stood his ground, fists clenched, body shaking and quaking. Parts of his brain were sparking off each other and Merc could feel the adrenaline pulling his body tight, the beer sour in his stomach suddenly.

Do not throw up, he told himself, gritting his teeth against the rise in bile. That was all he needed to be taken down and shanked while puking his guts out.

“Oh fuck!” one of the guys yelled, a high pitched edge in his voice. Merc sucked in air and peered around him to see.


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Fight or Flight is out!

The next in the Strategic Affair series is out now. It is called Fight or Flight.



Ronan almost lost Steel when their assignment went to hell.And even though they connected, Steel’s busy erecting walls to keep Ronan faraway. But Ronan has no plans to lose his new lover. It’s fight or flight time,and Ronan’s battle plan involves Steel begging for more. And Ronan has nointention of losing this battle of lusty wills. Steel doesn’t stand a chance!


You can find it at Amazon, Smashwords and ARE, with B&N to come, hopefully soon!
Here is an excerpt!

“You need to stay behind. You’re not a hundred percent and this could get hairy.”

Steel let out a growl at the calm tone from Barry, and shook his head. He knew he wasn’t in fighting shape yet, but he’d been working on healing and stretching his injured muscles daily, trying to make his broken rib move without pain. He wasn’t ready to accept this without a fight, natural stubbornness rising to the surface along with the itch of him not wanting to be left in the cold while the team risked their lives.

It’d been only three days since he’d been shot—three days of being in the safehouse with Barry, Patrick, fellow agent Falcon, the guards who ate on their off times and worked out, but didn’t communicate much with the rest of them. And the gorgeous redhead. Jenna. Ronan’s ex wife. Ronan’s current partner, with Steel laid up.

This staying behind thing sucked.

The three bullets he’d taken had done enough damage to lay him up for a few days, maybe even the required week of rest, but not enough to completely incapacitate him He had a broken rib, a badly torn thigh muscle that was giving him almost as much trouble as the damn rib. He’d taken two bullets there in his leg, one up by the thigh and one down by the knee. Both sides of the same aching leg.

He knew damn well he’d be a liability in the field, but that didn’t mean he had to like being so helpless, being such a drain on the team right now. He’d just gotten this job, and the last thing he wanted to do was stay behind, no doubt babysat by one of the guards.

It all smacked of “be a good boy while Mommy and Daddy go out.” and he resented the hell out of that on all levels. “I can walk,” Steel protested, barely biting back a growl. They didn’t need to waste time on this shit when they had someone to protect and answers to get.

“You limp!” Jenna shot back, tossing her hair. It streamed down her back, a russet waterfall. Steel would not look at Ronan, would not see if he was being effected. She was gorgeous and they all knew it.

Yeah, this sucked. It one hundred percent sucked.

“Here’s how we’re doing this,” Barry continued, ignoring Steel’s protests. “Falcon will drive.”

“I can drive! I don’t need enhanced mobility in order to drive! Put Falcon out there and let me drive! You need more manpower. By having me drive, but free up the big guys and he can—”

“Sterling!” Jenna replied in a warning tone, and Ro grabbed his hand, squeezing hard.

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Strategic Affair the beginning is out!

I’ve bundled the first four of the Strategic Affair books into one volume, at a price 50% off buying the individual volumes!


Strategic Affair The Beginning contains:
Going Under
Sparking the Fire
Racing Fate


More info and buy links can be found here!

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Bleeding Out is out! Book 5 of the Strategic Affair series!

I just released Bleeding Out yesterday. This is the next in the Strategic Affair series!


Check out the gorgeous cover made by A.D. Cooper!

Ronan almost lost Steel when their  assignment went to hell. Now that he knows Steel�s fate, Ronan has a  hell of a lot of emotion to burn off. Will they bleed it out together or  will this drive a wedge between them?

Bleeding Out is part of the serialized story Strategic Affair. Each  installment stands alone, but read together, Ronan and Steel�s story  sizzles!

Find it at <a href=”;qid=1348569023&amp;sr=8-1&amp;keywords=taylor+gibbs+bleeding+out“>Amazon</a>, <a href=” “>Smashwords</a> (many formats) and <a href=”“>ARE</a> (many formats).

iBookstore, B&N, Kobo, and Sony links coming soon.

And here is an excerpt!

The world had disappeared into a maelstrom of shouting voices, bright lights.


And pain, a hell of a lot of pain.


He couldn’t feel pain if he was dead, could he?


Steel didn’t think so, but he was too woozy to try to figure it all out. He hurt, he was one big steaming ball of ow, punctuated with the pinch of needles, and voices, and…


He was happy to drift away.


Steel awoke to find himself moving, the rough, jerky movement of the gurney making him think he was on pavement rather than the smooth movement of wheels over hospital floors. He wanted to ask questions, but he was too damn contented to drift, the cool evening air brushing over him. He rolled when told to and seemed to be transferred to another mechanism. “Relax. Sleep,” a gentle voice told him. “We’ll have you secure soon, sir.”


Not a sir, he wanted to reply, but he was so goddamn tired.


He allowed himself to let his guard down enough that the world went fully black again.


The next time he awoke, he actually opened his eyes, squinting at the glare from interior lights of…was it a van? An ambulance?


There was a gorgeous redhead sitting next to him, who might have been his type if he liked girls as much as he liked guys. She had some serious hardware strapped to one shapely thigh, straps wrapping over muscles clearly defined despite the twill knit of her cargo pants.


He looked up to her face, glancing over an impressive chest, and met green eyes set into a gorgeous face. She had to be in her late twenties to early thirties. Thin but curvy, a technical belt bisecting her breasts.


“Serious hardware,” he mumbled. Damn, he was slurring; that was good stuff he’d been given. He was floaty and not in any pain, but he seemed to be able to start concentrating and focusing, at least in small doses. And he was happy to have no pain, right now, anyway.


“We try,” she replied. “How bad do you feel? I can give you a little more Demerol, but I’ll kill your thought processes for a while. I’m Jenna Nevis, by the way. Barry has me guarding you, Steel.”


“Demerol?” Damn, that was why he felt so good. “How bad?”


“You took three bullets,” she explained, motioning to his left side. “One in the flank, fractured a rib. That’ll hurt for a while. One in your left thigh, up high.” She touched the outside of hers right by the hip. “And one lower down by your knee. You also got hit with some shrapnel, wood chips from the table you’d sheltered behind when it was hit.


“Ronan and Patrick?” He didn’t much care what was wrong with him right now. He was conscious—that had to mean something. He had to be sure that Ronan was okay, and that their charge had made it out alive—hopefully uninjured.


“They’re fine. Everyone in the club made it out okay. A few bruises I think, but you were the only one who needed medical treatment.” She sighed, pulling on her ponytail and what he suspected had to be a nervous habit.


“Where are we?”


“On the 405, heading for a secure location where you can recover and we can figure this out. Barry, Ronan, and Patrick are there, along with some of our best men.”


“Our best men?” Maybe he was slow, but he couldn’t quite grasp what she was saying.


“I’m Barry’s second in command, sir. Welcome aboard Kidson. We’re glad to have you.”


“I bet,” he shot back with what he hoped was a sarcastic smile, but in reality, it was probably more like a grimace.


Happy NCIS premiere day!

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